This is a welfare institution established in 2010. Tanzania Research and Career Development Institute (TRACDI) is aiming at empowering Tanzanians who wish to have post secondary education skills.The research reports conducted by Dr. Yusuf Ramadhan, founder of TRACDI over three years commencing 2006 through 2009 revealed that more and more youths are becoming street venders of used goods while the majority do not have any career skills for their present and the future livelihood. He envisaged that there would be a turmoil in future as their analytical skills have remained low hence politicians could make use of that weakness to harness their energy into a politically motivated move. Also rural poverty would encroach the urban life as semi educated people are constantly on the move to urban while elites reject them to all the professional work. The fact that seven (7) out of ten (10) are not enjoying the privilege of joining high school necessitated the start of TRACDI as early as 2010. TRACDI has struggled and finally registered with NACTE in 2011.The philosophy has remained of liberating Tanzanians by training them to a career that can compete with other world communities in formal and informal career. The founder has the dream that every citizen can be shaped to meaningfully contribute to individual and National prosperity provided people learn to tolerate and appreciate differences by accepting that there is no form four failures who are useless to a nation. His research report show that the mass "failures" is a failure of both , The national leaders, parents, teachers and the student, yet we tend to articulate the failure solely to students, this is a wrong approaches of victim blame and escapism. Thus, TRACDI is not politically motivated neither is it a profit driven establishment. TRACDI is the result of intellectual curiosity to meaningfully make use of available human resource. TRACDI intends to train young people in community development, Modern Agriculture , social research and medical sociology and herbalism. Also there are short term training on evaluation, microfinance management, research on social demographic data among many other short courses.TRACDI is and will make use of highly qualified teaching staff from diverse background to ensure high class results of our training of young people into a career for their future and the future of the Nation.TRACDI is not affiliated to any ethnic, religion or political party. Currently TRACDI is using Volunteers with masters in fields related to community development. TRACDI is located at Nzuguni area just some 7km from Dodoma town centre. Also TRACDI offers Diploma program in Community Development,Diploma in Agriculture Production and Diploma in Animal Healthy.